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Xackup is designed to be an easy to use light weight solution to backing up your XenServer (and one day VirtualBox Headless) virtual machines. We don’t offer all the flash features like those $2000 dollar tools out there,but we also don’t cost $2000, in fact we cost less than a tenth of that. We also don’t require  a dedicated server or management process. More Info…


Download : [download id=”3″]

Duplicate Files can use up alot of space on your computer system and can be very easily created, but are difficult to find. DupeDestroyer makes the tak of finding and removing these duplicates a piece of cake. More Info…


Download : [download id=”4″]

FileSavvy provides a graphical way to automate common file managment tasks. If you are tired of repetitive jobs like, backing up, preparing files for development builds, gathering files for distribution or any other complex yet reproducible set of file management then FileSavvy may just make your life a little bit easier. More Info…