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Requires .NET Framework 4 for All CPUs.

In the day-to-day running of your computer you tend to create lots of files. These files are often copies of other files, thus leading to potentially wasted space on your system. These files are easy to create and unfortunately often very difficult to find and remove. DupeDestroyer uses an advance algorithm to find, and with your approval, eradicate these unwanted files.

Features at a glance

Intuitive & Effective user interface.

Get the job done without learning a complex interface.

Finding duplicates is quite complex. DupeDestroyer eases this burnden by using a simple wizard based user interface.

Informative Feedback.

Monitor how your scan is performing.

Let’s face it. There is alot going on during a scan and it can take a while to scan many files. The informative processing status screen in DupeDestroyer make sure you know whats happening and give the power to control whats happening.

Flexible cleaning solutions.

Choose what to do with the duplicates.

DupeDestroyer gives you flexibility when it comes to removing those duplicates. You can Quarantine, Copy, or Move the duplicates. Giving you tools thats should suit any requirement.

Intelligent detection engine.

Four different scanning method ensure duplicates can’t hide anywhere.

DupeDestroyer employs four different scanning algorithms that range from super fast to to super accurate, we beleive there is no duplicate file that can escape detection using the powerful algorithms.

Handles large amounts of duplicates.

Huge results are no problem.

DupeDestroyer was designed primarily to deal with large amounts of duplicates. So the UI has no issues diplaying and processing 10 of thousands of duplicates files while still maintaining an informative user interface.