Quick Start Guide

This sections gives an overview of how to use FileSavvy. If you need any more detailed help please visit the Forums, they connect you to other like-minded FileSavvyusers.

Online Demos

The online demos below show some of the basic features of using FileSavvy.

5 Minute Quick Start

Here we create a new Project download a file, copy it around and finally compress it. | View…

Here’s a quick overview of what is happening :

  1. We start with a blank project and we drag a “Web Download” item on the canvas. We are going to download the home page of Fungusware and save it to disk.
  2. We drag a “File” item to the canvas. This will be the file that the downloaded data will be saved to.  Note : We browsed for a file here but since it was a new file, we don’t need to do that 😉
  3. Next we connect these two items with a “Copy” action. You can Control+Click to select the two items.
  4. We now want to move the downloaded file to a new Folder. We create a “Folder” item on the canvas by dragging the Toolbox Icon to where we want it.
  5. We connect the two  with a “move” action and enter the details for the “Folder” Item.
  6. We drag a new “File” item onto the canvas as we wish to create copy of the File I downloaded.
  7. A “Copy” connection is made and then we set-up a “Move” action to move the additional file to the Temporary Folder.
  8. We wish to Archive the contents of the Temporary folder.. So we drag an “Archive” item to the canvas.
  9. We run the Project…..but look at the errors!

The errors occur because we “moved” a file to the Temporary folder
before we tried to make a copy of it.  See steps 4 to 6.

We can resolve cases like this with by setting priorities on the
“Action” links. The rest of the demo shows how to set the Priorities
and then successfully run the rest of the Project.