LojiklSweep Release Notes

Version 2.13.0

  • Minor UI adjustments for new sales model.

Version 2.12.28

  • Fixed duplicate Folders in Included Folders list.
  • Fixed saving of Sweep Index file on very large backups.

Version 2.12.26

  • Corrected some errors when authenticating to DropBox accounts.
  • Added better feedback for when Volume Shadow Copy Services can’t be used.
  • Reduced the .NET 4 Framework requirement down to ‘Client Profile’ only.
  • Ungrouped included folders will now be placed in a ‘Others’ subdirectory. This may require you manually adjust your Backup settings/existing backup locations to account for this change. i.e Everything that previously went into the ‘Advanced’ folder is now in the ‘Others’ folder. You can remove the ‘Advanced’ folder after the next backup if required.

Version 2.12.25

  • Added ‘Cycling’ option backup destination. You can now make backups that cycle through folders such as My Backups\1 ,  My Backups\2 , My Backups\3 etc.
  • Made better use of ‘Backup Groups’ and allowed them to be used to reduce the length of backup paths.
  • Changed the way “Backup with Full Path” works to assist with the previous option.
        Download this version x86 or x64

Version 2.12.24

  • Increased speed of Regular Expression folder exclusion (it was painfully slow)
  • Changed ‘My System’ view to make selecting Backup items easier.
  • Added Google Chrome backup provider in ‘My System’
  • Fixed error when deleting History items.
  • Improved History chart readability.

Version 2.12.23

  • Fixed creating tasks on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 machines.
  • Improved Included/Excluded Folder screen to make it easier and faster.
  • Added multi threaded compression for speed improvements on modern machines.
  • Added ability to delete the Trigger from a Backup Schedule.
  • Added Day of Week (Numeric) and Day of Year cyclic path specifiers.
  • Added Regular Expressions to allow advanced Folder exclusions.
  • Fixed a number of bugs.